Core Values Part I

Values are the most important concepts in your world. They form the basis for what you believe is good and bad, right and wrong. If your values are violated, you will have a strong emotional reaction. For instance, if you value freedom and it is threatened or denied at your work, you will not enjoy your job – you may even respond with anger. “… it sucks work’n for the…Continue reading Core Values Part I

Values – Words used to describe what we value most

 Use this list of words to help determine your core values: Abundance Acceptance Accomplishment Accountability Accuracy Achievement Action adventure Adventurousness Altruism Ambition Appreciation Assertiveness autonomy Awareness Balance Beauty Being the best Belonging Boldness Brilliance Calmness candor Carefulness Challenge challenge Change Charisma Cheerfulness Clarity

Office Stress – Created To Get’er Done!

What’s really happening when we perceive a threat? The Fight or Flight response is well researched and worth reviewing. First of all, this is an important self defense instinct. We respond to a stimulus to determine if it’s a threat. Our instinct to react protects us from possible danger. Nothing wrong with that. But… most office activities are not life threatening. At the office, we invent abstract, complex beliefs around business…Continue reading Office Stress – Created To Get’er Done!

Stress reframe: Make stress your friend

If you are growing your business, working to deadlines and taking on challenges, then you are experiencing stress. And if you are in business and you’re losing market share, incurring losses and building debt then you also have stress. How can you avoid it, really? Business = Stress. Everywhere I look, people seem to be more stressed than ever.

Brainwave Optimization For Max Productivity

The Power of Brainwave Entrainment Top producers know how to gear up mentally and emotionally for each type of business activity scheduled in their day. If you need to be creative, your brain wave patterns will need to be operating at your ideal range (7 to 13 Hz). On the other hand, to respond to a hyper emergency, the brain will need to ramp up to a frequency higher than…Continue reading Brainwave Optimization For Max Productivity

Success starts with a good question

 What’s the best question I can ask myself right now? That simple question can make all the difference in the success of your business. You are asking questions all the time. It’s part of the Orientation Response we have hard-wired into our neurology. You are constantly seeking to understand your environment so you can fulfill all your human needs (certainty, friendship, independence, interest, growth and contribution).

Stress? What stress – Float Tanks are now in Kelowna!

Ok. So here’s something new. I had my first float-tank experience today. Here’s the bottom-line: I recommend every business leader, entrepreneur and professional give it a try. Either you will love it and you’ll want to do it again or you’ll love it and you’ll learn something important because of it. Either way, you win. So first off, what is a float-tank? Well, I’d describe it as a giant soaker…Continue reading Stress? What stress – Float Tanks are now in Kelowna!

Energy Crisis – How to organize your tasks for sustainable peak performance

The many tasks in a day. There’s so much to do. For sure some tasks are way easier than others. To get maximum use of my energy, here’s what I do: Break the tasks up into three categories: Fun, Miserable, Neutral. I use the FUN tasks to build momentum by celebrating as I complete them. A jolt of dopamine builds the appeal so I’m sure to complete these tasks again…Continue reading Energy Crisis – How to organize your tasks for sustainable peak performance

The Wolf of Wall Street – A Good Movie to Fear

Is there such a thing as good fear in business? I recently watched The Wolf of Wall Street starring Leonardo DiCaprio and oooh, kids, there’s some scaaary stuff in there. It’s a powerful example of our human destructive force. Take a driven, intelligent, young man and sprinkle on him a dash of desperation, buckets of booze, drugs and poor mentorship. Then set him free on a bunch of vulnerable greedy…Continue reading The Wolf of Wall Street – A Good Movie to Fear

On your mark, get set, GO – It’s time to start

Are you an ideas person but not an action person? Did you make New Year’s Resolutions and haven’t moved on them yet. Are you a good planner but not so good at implementation? Or do you simply procrastinate? Only 20% of the population sets goals and yet we know goal setting is a proven tool for success. And of those goal setters, 70% of their goals are not achieved because…Continue reading On your mark, get set, GO – It’s time to start