Ultimately, we find ourselves simply up against a barrier that prevents us from moving forward. In these situations, elegant therapies are necessary to unlock focused creativity. For whatever reason, we eventually discover some repressed fear, phobia, trauma or addiction and no matter how persistent we are at mindfulness, we just can’t shake those limiting beliefs. We are suffering and no amount of determined self-talk is going to work. The most efficient way to resolve these issues is by working with a therapist. Gentle, skilled application of techniques will help release you from these problems.

Byron as Hypnotherapist

  • Hypnotherapy provides a gentle, effective mechanism for deep incite, trauma resolution and focused creativity.
  • Hypnotherapy is also an effective way to manage pain, overcome addictions or reboot your creative genius.
  • We received specialized training in advanced hypnotherapy with Sheldon Bilsker, Stephen Gilligan, and Mike Mandel – all three are recognized leaders in the international hypnosis community.
  • A Master Practitioner with advanced training in Neuro Linguistic Programming with Tad James.
  • Trained in Time Line Therapy by Tad James
  • Advanced Past Life Regression Therapy with Diane Auld.