Improve your Imagination with Revivification

Imagination is the key. It is what separates humans from all other organisms on the planet. We use our imagination to invent a better tomorrow. All goals are created in our imagination.  Artists, musicians, writers and story tellers rely on it. Athletes rehearse their routines using imagination. All memories are imagined and this means we can change our perceptions of the past so that we are more empowered and able to move forward more efficiently.

Imagination is so important in business as it enables us to create opportunities out of nothing. We can transform adversity into gains. We can solve problems and find new resources. There are many ways to improve our imagination. Experiment with a few. The goal is to be imaginative consistently and effectively.

Tip: Revivification

Here’s a tip that can really add some fun and life to your goals. I call it REVIVIFICATION. It’s a handy skill that is easy to do and fits nicely with the other mental fitness exercises I teach.

Simply find a comfortable place where you can sit for about five minutes. Take a few deep breaths, in and out, to help relax and gain a feeling of centered calmness. Note any additional feelings, whether they be good or not-so-good, and simply park them to the side for a moment. Take another deep breath in and exhale slowly and gently recall a place in nature that you enjoyed.


Now, with your eyes closed, notice as many pleasant details about this place in nature as possible. Notice the time of day, the time of year. Notice features, such as trees, plants, rocks, mountains, lakes, beaches, animals, water falls, what ever you like. Notice the temperature, the sun – if it is sunny, the sky, clouds. See everything in your mind and if you’d like, make it better than ever. Invent more features and notice more beautiful scenes. Notice the contrast of colours, textures, patterns.

Then add to that memory, beautiful sounds. Pleasant sounds of leaves rustling, or water running by, or birds chirping. Then add to that beautiful fragrances, scents, aromas. The smell of pine trees, or fruit trees blossoming, roses, lavender, fresh air after a rain storm. Then imagine what it feels like to touch the trees, rocks, sand or other objects. Feel a gentle breeze on your skin or the sand between your toes. Perhaps the feeling of cool moss under your feet.

The key is to vigorously and deeply engage as many of your five senses as possible. As you revivify this memory, you are improving your ability to be imaginative, focused and aware. Have fun with this. It’s safe, easy and relaxing too.

Advanced Goal Setting

Once you’ve practiced the revivification exercise, you may now want to apply this same technique to one of your goals. Perhaps a health related goal. This time project into the future and imagine a beautiful place in nature and this time add an image of you. See yourself in the future, even healthier than you are now. See yourself better in all ways. Remember to activate all five senses if possible. See yourself participating in a healthy activity. See yourself enjoying the activity and then see yourself preparing to do the activity again and again.

Allow yourself to feel inspired, enthusiastic, hopeful, successful, determined and progressive.

Again, have some fun with this exercise. Not only are we building our imagination, creativity, and focus, we are also associating with the behaviours required to achieve our goals.

If you enjoy these kinds of exercises, or if you’d like more information about how this can be even more beneficial to you, please contact me directly. I’d love to hear from you.

Also, if you have other ideas or ways to improve your revivification skills, please write a comment for the other readers.

Thanks for reading this message and may your dreams transform the world.

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